I recently shared my personal story about this Gift Box. I’d love for you to enjoy it and share your own family traditions!

Supply List

1 Gift Box with seasonal image
Varathane “Briarsmoke” Wood Stain
Mod Podge, Matte
1″ Paint Brush (or comparable size)
1″ x 2″ Pine
1″ x 8″ Pine Board (or correct length/width for your box’s image)


1. Cut a piece of your 1”x8” pine board to the size of the gift box you have chosen to use. (Your box may be larger or smaller, so cut your piece of wood to match the size you have chosen).

2. Now, begin cutting the “top” of the box away from the side of the box. Trim it as carefully and squarely as possible since you will be fitting it to the wood you have cut to size.

3. If you have one, I would recommend using a paper cutter to trim your box so each edge has a clean cut. This is the one I use, and I love it!!

4. Cut 4 pieces of the 1”X2” pine wood to make a frame the size of the image on the gift box you are using.

5. Using a scrap piece of cloth, stain each piece of the frame with the color of your choice. My favorite stain color I am loving at the moment is “Briarsmoke” by Varathane. Set aside and let dry thoroughly.

6. Using your 1” flat brush, apply your Mod Podge evenly to the entire surface of the pine board you have cut for your sign. Make sure you don’t have to much, as it will cause the image to “bubble up” and not adhere smoothly to the surface of the wood.

7. Once you have your Mod Podge ready, carefully position your cardboard box image to the surface of the wood. Make sure you position it as squarely on the wood as possible. Press the image onto the wood and push out any bubbles that may be present. Allow it to dry thoroughly…it may take up to an hour or two before the Mod Podge has “set.”

8. Once the Mod Podge under the image has dried, begin applying a thin layer over the top of the image. Be careful to make sure you don’t have “globs” of Mod Podge, and that it ends up with even coverage over the entire picture. You’ll want to make sure your brush strokes all go in the same direction…it will give the final look a more finished appearance.

9. Once the Mod Podge is completely dry, you can now attach the stained frame to your pine board. I use a nail gun to attach mine, but you can attach it with small screws, or a nail and hammer. Be sure to work carefully, and not crack the wood frame as you’re attaching it all together.

10. Finally, for a finishing touch, I glued some jute cord/twine along the inside perimeter of the frame. I wanted to give it a more “rustic” look, and love the way the twine gave the perfect final touch!

I’d love to see how your own gift box signs turn out if you decide to make one, so please be sure to share your photos!!

Thanks so much for following me….stay creative, friends!!

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